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Tango Music Born in Brussels

Musician, composer, citizen of the world, husband and bon vivant – Belgian Pato Lorente (Patrick Vankeirsbilck) composes what he lives and lives what he composes. His life and his music are inseparable and his passion for both, contagious. The only permanent pupil of legendary Argentinian Bandoneón player Alfredo Marcucci and his only artistic heir after 18 years of intense collaboration, Pato resides and works in the melting pot of Brussels, constantly escaping to his eco-shed in Spain for ‘moments of disconnection.’ There is a simplicity and symmetry to his appearance: blackRead More

Hasselt-Based Artist Jeroen Boogaerts Creates ‘Lampofoons’ Out Of Waste

He was ‘eco-friendly’ long before sustainable culture turned into a trend. He creates fascinating structures from unconventional materials such as old telephones, wood waste and different kinds of city junk. Meet the Belgian artist and designer Jeroen Boogaerts, whose extraordinary and inventive artworks have caught people’s attention and surprised with countless nostalgic references and artistic imagination. BODEGAZ – second life to city waste The smell of fresh-cut wood hangs in the air. The aroma of something new that is coming into the world. The scent of a dream being realized.Read More