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Bart Dewolf: The Creator Of Existential Scrap Metal Installations

Bart Dewolf started out as a kid who loved stop motion cartoons, comic books, prehistoric art, punk culture and scrap metal, and is now a grown-up who still loves all those entertainments. He is Belgian and has lived in Belgium all his life, where he graduated from Sint-Lukas University Brussels as a designer. His stupendous scrap metal installations, which he has been creating for the last 20 years, have been going around Belgium at various unofficial underground expos launched in abandoned factories or derelict buildings. Unlike Brussels, where the homesRead More

Intellectual Fitness and Health Literacy by Tongeren-based fitnessman Frederic Fraré

Frederic Fraré, the master of experimental fitness and functional training, is also an athletic trainer of the prodigious men’s basketball team ‘Limburg United’, a responsible for strength and conditioning at senior women’s volleyball team ‘Datovoc Tongeren’, a supporter of science-based healthy lifestyle, a leader of his own fitness studio ‘ICE Fitness’ based in Lauw (Tongeren). Known for developing fitness culture in Tongeren, Frederic spends much of his time promoting intellectual fitness and health literacy, stubbornly fighting the superficiality of huge commercially oriented fitness chains. His professional endeavours are always provocative, engaging, and challenging.Read More

Feelings in Stills and Poetryscapes by Belgian Photographer Anuschka Theunissen

“Nothing lasts… not fame, not fortune, not your life… be nice”. Such is the belief, as written in her 2015 facebook post, of Anuschka Theunissen, a Belgian photographer who creates her inimitable photographs and moving images, accurately detecting short-lasting moments of life: be it happiness or compassion, grief or joy. Midnights in Tongeren – poetryscapes of the oldest town of Belgium It is not by chance that the oldest town of Belgium, Tongeren, was chosen for Anuschka’s first photo exposition. Tongeren is her hometown, where she knows every stone of everyRead More

The Improvised Life Of Ulrike Haller, Jazz Singer From Berlin

On the evening of August 22, 2015, Ulrike Haller was standing on the 18th-century stage of  ‘Chateau de l’Enclos‘ in the serene village of Geer, Province of Liege, Belgium for her phenomenal jazz and soul performance. That summer evening, she arrived in Belgium to share with music lovers not only her soulful vocals and inspiring energy but also her thoughts on life, arts, traveling and the relationship between ‘the improvised and the planned.’ By that point, Mrs. Haller, living in Berlin, a mother of a successful musician, is arguably one ofRead More

Art On Skin By Belgian Tattoo Duo: Sarah & Jeroen Electrum

The tattoo art of Sarah and Jeroen Electrum is the creation of permanent beautiful objects on skin. They believe people should have intense and memorable experiences of getting their tattoos, and there is no rational purpose for their artistic endeavours — they do not satisfy someone’s practical needs. Tattoo art is their own reason for being, the result of intelligence and aesthetic intuition added to the natural need for self-expression. Those who visited their amazing tattoo studio ‘Electrum Tattoo’ in Mol and experienced the duo’s skills directly understand now what it is toRead More