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Choreographed life of the club show ‘D-Queens’

Go-go club dance is not flitting and chaotically moving around like many people believe, it is not an “unscripted” or “unchoreographed” dance improvisation. Many clubbers are under the misconception that go-go club dancers are skilled to spontaneously create at night club performances, and do not have formal choreography background. In reality, professional club shows have as much structure as electronic music and most of the club dancers can boast of their academic dance achievements. Today we are talking with one of the three beautiful dancers of the club show “D-Queens’Read More

People are bored with standard nightclub performance – Here Come D-QUEENS!

A story of a fearless Moscow-based dance trio — ‘D-Queens’ bring their special ‘Siberian solar energy’ to international electronic music happenings. Tired of routine nightclub performances, the producers of ‘D-Queens’ have created a unique, vibrant dance show that is anything but standard. CROATIA — It’s a hot August night at ‘The GARDEN OF ART’ event at Kalypso Beach Club, Croatia (Zrce Beach in Novalja), the oldest beach club in Southeast Europe, a trendsetter for beach clubbing tradition. This summer the space is transformed into a unique magic forest fulfilled withRead More

Predictability is Taboo for “D-Queens”, a Moscow-based Dance Show Inspired by Ms. Grace Jones

In the beginning of 2000s nightclubbers might go out several nights a week. That’s not happening anymore. Due to economic downturn and the overload of cliché entertainment programs at nightclubs, people became more selective about their extracurricular activities. Nightclub promoters face the challenge to think outside the box if they want to bring people to their venues. “It’s time when Art directors should give people something other than just another go-go dancer”, says Andrey Markeev, a producer of a Moscow-based dance show ‘D-Queens Show’. “Predictability is taboo on nightclub stage.Read More