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CONSCIENZA 2017 lands at HIPPODROME TONGEREN, an exceptional indoor and outdoor setting overlooking the horse track Hippodrome isn’t the kind of place you associate with vegan food and eco-themed manifestations – this year’s ‘Conscienza’ lands there to challenge expectations! Participants and guests will experience this year’s eco-happening in an airy 500-square meter space, which features a 50-meter long floor-to-ceiling window with spectacular view of the horse track. Founded and mainly functioning as a horserace venue, the ‘Hippodrome Tongeren’ now acts as a space for “unconventional art experiences”. The historic buildingRead More

The True Story of How Bart Dewolf Created a HU-WO-MAN: the Logo of Conscienza Festival

Conscienza team is proud to host the 2nd edition of the festival at Hippodrome Tongeren on September 23, 2017. The event brings together artists and inspiring people from the world of upcycling, creative reuse, local production and artisanship to show us what they do to make this post-capitalist, climate-changed world a better place. We will be gradually publishing all of our 2017 participant profiles, so stay tuned! When graphic designer Bart Dewolf was tasked with creating an image to represent “Conscienza”, he started with a story. That story is aboutRead More