Conscienza festival Belgium


Conscienza: Festival of Conscious Consumers & Creative Re-Users

CONSCIENZA Festival is an arts & crafts weekend at the 18th century “Chateau de l’Enclos” in the village of Geer (Province of Liege, Belgium). The vision behind CONSCIENZA is to draw our community together as thoughtful consumers and creative re-users by focusing on one main topic: a new life for past. The event is a celebration promoting conscious use and creative reuse through art, fashion, technology, artisanal craft and production experiences. The two-day event includes: – an art and innovations exhibition/performances; – a marketplace of upcycled products; – an eco-fashionRead More

Conscienza festival welcomes its first confirmed participants!

As the swans arrive from Arctic Russia in wetlands of Belgium and early sunsets blind our windows, we give a new life to things of the past that have been around for decades or even centuries. In the very mid of October dozens of creative re-users gather in the small village of Geer (Province of Liege) to enjoy an eclectic mixture of eco-friendly artists, vendors, craftsmen, artisans, performers in a truly beautiful and historical setting of the 18th century “Chateau de l’Enclos”. An oracle of scrap metal installations, which heRead More