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Belgian Welding Wizard Kevin Oyen Produces Admirable Furniture Pieces out of Steel Industry Waste

It seems there are new sun rays on the perennially cloudy horizon of Belgium. Recently, the third edition of the “Uptown Design Tour” announced the list of participating designers. An emerging welding wizard Kevin Oyen from Bilzen is one of the 20 selected European artists, whose works will be displayed in one of the most highly valued neighborhoods of luxury shops in Brussels from 15 September to 1 October 2016. How amusing! Amusing that a young Belgian designer gets the chance to showcase his extraordinary metal works after barely warmingRead More

The Enchanting History Of The Château De l’Enclos

The Château de l’Enclos has seen a lot in its history. There has been a house on its site since 1725 according to the existing records. Just a stroll through its garden and you can see these three centuries of brick and mortar, but it’s not just the exterior that breathes out history. Step inside the mansion and find its past brought to life by the new owners, a Russian couple of an IT-specialist and a teacher. The good old days of the Château de l’Enclos The château’s life really startedRead More