Marina Kazakova



Groningen (NL), NP3 – The White Cube 16 November 2019 h 16.00   SO, WHAT IS YOUR QUESTION A performance in three parts or acts, which is a reflection on a creative relationship and process. A poetic dialogue / made visible / through interactions with oneself, with the other, with the audience. by and with Marina Kazakova and Sara Maino   Did you have a good tête-à-tête with yourself today? What images go through your mind when you’re alone with yourself? Whose hands do you see when getting asleep? Let’sRead More

End-Of-Year 2019 Performances

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К 75-летию освобождения Ленинграда: воспоминания моего папы Сунгата Рахимова / 75th anniversary of breaking siege of Leningrad: A Memoir of my dad Sungat Rakhimov

Командующий 67 армией генерал-майор М.П. Духанов написал замечачательные воспоминания об операции “Искра” (вторая битва у Ладожского озера), наступательной операции советских войск во время Великой Отечественной Войны, проведенной в январе 1943 года и продолженной после первого прорыва блокады Ленинграда 18 января 1943 года, вплоть до апреля. Советские войска продолжили наступление с целью разгрома мгинско-синявинской группировки противника и обеспечение надежной ж/д связиЛенинграда со страной. Но в ожесточенных боях в феврале-апреле развить достигнутый в январе успех не удалось. В ходе продолжения операции “Искра” 67 армия и 2 я ударная армии должны были решитьRead More

“F**kushima” of Bart Dewolf at KnowHate Campaign 2019

For the #KnowHate campaign 2019, Bart Dewolf, The Creator Of Existential Scrap Metal Installations, has prepared the installation called “F**kushima”. The scrap metal installation is a reflexion on fake truth on social media and Bart’s interpretation of hate as a tool used by powers ignorant to the continuation of (human)species, in order to gain/maintain more power and profit! The installation and the production drawings of Bart Dewolf are surrealistic interpretations that combine unexpected items which he uses as technic to evoke new meanings. This is done by assembling in a primitive wayRead More

Above the Babylon of Europe: ‘No Hate Bootcamp’ Experience

The photo of multicultural Europe of 2018 and the portrait of the pre-world wars Europe both depict the same mood: hate and dissonance. Nationalism was and still is perhaps the main cause. Nationalism transcended WWI and was the main force of WWII. In addition, the Yugoslav war of the 1990s and the conflict in Ukraine today are offshoots of nationalism. We are 70 years away from 1948, when The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted. And what do we have now, here, in the Babylon of Europe? That’s theRead More

Tasting the Wines from the Land of Pablo Picasso at BRUT Wine Shop

Late autumn is the wine-y time of year. There is something tender about looking at the whirling leaves in the comfort of your favorite sweater while sitting in front of the fire with a glass of red in your hand. ‘The moon is low in the evening sky, it’s time to taste some wine’, says Bert Vangertruijden who greets his guests at his cosy wineshop “Brut” in the village of Martenslinde in Bilzen (Belgium), nestled between the cities of Maastricht and Hasselt. This wine shop is on an extraordinary missionRead More