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May, 2017


The True Story of How Bart Dewolf Created a HU-WO-MAN: the Logo of Conscienza Festival

Conscienza team is proud to host the 2nd edition of the festival at Hippodrome Tongeren on September 23, 2017. The event brings together artists and inspiring people from the world of upcycling, creative reuse, local production and artisanship to show us what they do to make this post-capitalist, climate-changed world a better place. We will be gradually publishing all of our 2017 participant profiles, so stay tuned! When graphic designer Bart Dewolf was tasked with creating an image to represent “Conscienza”, he started with a story. That story is aboutRead More

Poem ‘One Cotton March” translated into Dutch by Herman Rohaert

When it comes to translating poetry, I am always haunted by a memorable quote from the “Nostalghia” film by Andrey Tarkovsky that “poetry is untranslatable, like the whole art”. However, I’ve spent most of my adult life reading my favourite authors in translation: Proust, Sagan, Duras, Maxence Fermine, Peter Høeg, Erlend Loe… Dear Herman Rohaert, thank you so much for your remembrance of me, and for your accurate translation of my poem ‘One Cotton March”. *** In een watten maand maart wandelde ik doorheen muren en gangen, achter de geslotenRead More