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Eco-Festival ‘CONSCIENZA 2017’ lands at HIPPODROME TONGEREN, an exceptional indoor and outdoor setting overlooking the horse track

Hippodrome isn’t the kind of place you associate with vegan food and eco-themed manifestations – this year’s ‘Conscienza’ lands exactly there to challenge expectations!
Participants and guests will experience the second edition of our eco-happening in an airy 500-square meter space, which features a 50-meter long floor-to-ceiling window with spectacular view of the horse track.

Founded and mainly functioning as a horserace venue, Hippodrome Tongeren now acts as a space for “unconventional art experiences”. The historic building hosts irregular events to draw alternative crowd.
One of the highlights of the 2017’s programming is the 2nd edition of Conscienza Festival: a weekend of conscious consumers and creative re-users that will transform the blank space of the hippodrome into an incubator of eco-friendly initiatives, manifestations, products, characters and sounds. BIG Thanks to our generous partner – Pub Musicafé Tongeren!
Take a look inside the hippodrome and the outdoor space of ‘Conscienza 2017’!

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