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December, 2016


TINTIN’s Peugeot Old-timer lives a happy life at the “Museum” of Jos Schiphorst in Tongeren

It’s not hyperbole to say that Tongeren is home to many of the Europe’s best vintage. The city’s weekly antique market is the largest in Belgium and can justly lay claim to being the best in the field. The forty antique shops of the town are also a first port of call for locals with visitors in tow. However, not a lot of people know smaller-scale vintage stories of the oldest town of Belgium. Looking for alternatives to the big hitters, I’ve visited a home-based Peugeot old-timers “museum” of JosRead More

Tongeren’s First and Oldest Gym still Fighting Fit after 35 Years of Service

“Activ Fitness” has now been a historical landmark in the community of Tongeren for three and a half decades. The gym is one of the few remaining local businesses still in existence since the 1980s in the Belgium’s oldest city. Throughout the past 35 years, many generations of Tongeren residents have found a haven to exercise and see old friends. One generation after another has fond memories of the old gym being a presence in their lives over the years. Some still remember streaming their way to the old gymRead More

Handmade Artistic Glass, on a Mission to Colour Belgium’s Gray Skies

As a boy, when being in church, John Dierickx tried to capture the moments of ecstatic rapture he experienced in surrendering himself to the overwhelming magic of light and shadow brought on by the colourful stained-glass windows.  “Apart from being inspired by its poetry, I was also curious about the practical side of stained glass craft,” John starts his story during our interview at his “Artglas” atelier in Zonhoven. He is the author of one of the few enterprises in Belgium producing modern artistic stained glass panels. Voracious observers often becomeRead More