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November, 2016


The First European Russian Culture Festival will take place in Brussels in December, 2017

The major task of the festival, according to the organizers, is to build bridges between the EU and Russia at the time when the Russian-European relations are going through hardships. “The festival aims to foster intercultural dialogue between the European Union and Russia and is going to be one of the most anticipated annual cultural events of the European capital”, says the coordinator of the festival Nicolas Wieërs, a well-known Brussels-based producer of large-scale international events. The concept and the mission of the festival As Wieers said, the idea to organizeRead More

LONCIN: Belgian Design Furniture Store with a 100-Year History

When Glen Loncin’s great-grandfather Norbert Loncin, a furniture maker (a promising craft at the time), started producing and selling his furniture in early 1920s, he probably didn’t think that his initiative would still be thriving almost 100 years later, with several of his descendants in ownership and leadership positions. Of course, there have been some challenges along the way. As other family-owned companies across Belgium grow and evolve, it is curious to explore what it would mean to keep the business within the family. Since LONCIN is in its 3rdRead More

The Autumn Fog Voice of Sarah Bettens Turns Hasselt’s Culture Center into Dreamworld

In the evening after sunset, when the freezing violet dark blanketed the rainy streets of Hasselt, sprays of fading guitar chords and flakes of three-part harmonies were melting the hearts of thousands of concert goers at ‘K’s Choice’ ‘The Backpack Sessions’ acoustic show at the cultural center in Hasselt. I was met by Sarah and Gert Bettens backstage before their 10th ‘Backpack Sessions’ concert for a short interview. Kicking off November 5th in Aalst (Belgium), this sentimental series of shows will stretch through 20th March, 2017, spanning thirty cities inRead More

“Brut” Wine Shop: Offbeat Wines for Thinkers and Drinkers

When Bert Vangertruijden was growing up in the small village of Martenslinde (Bilzen, Belgium), an area of beautiful country houses and fruit valleys, he was often carried away by the silent scenes of his grandparents’ abandoned wine cellar: dusty bottles, rusty corkscrews and old wine books – all left alone snoring in the dark and gloomy basement. Decades later, after years of studying Dutch and English literature and culture in Brussels/Leuven, working in logistics and teaching, Bert opened his own wine shop “Brut” in his hometown of Bilzen. It isRead More

A Girl Who Opened a Beauty Salon in the Fruit Valleys of Haspengouw

Jolien’s dream of opening her own beauty salon came about in 2013 when she was studying in Genk to become a beauty specialist. But at that point, that’s all it was. A dream. Now 3 years on, Jolien is the proud owner of “Le Petit Salon” nestled in the heart of Belgium’s famous fruitland of Haspengouw. “At first, I just wanted to learn how to apply make up on myself like a pro and get clear skin,” starts her story Jolien, “but I had no idea it would turn intoRead More