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July, 2016


“ICON Brussels” Founder Talks Life, Arts, Technology and the Intersection of the Three

“Brussels”, says Ken Christiaens, when asked what geographical location formed him into an artist and an educator. Antwerp-born, Christiaens opened his education- and research centre ‘ICON Brussels’ in April 2015, after a short stint in the sound design and video engineering business, followed by a decade-long career in sound engineering and art education. His evolution into the ‘art+tech education world’ was more organic than intentional. “I have always been fond of arts, newest technologies and science”, says Ken, “but it’s my time at the RITCS film school, that mostly madeRead More

Belgian Welding Wizard Kevin Oyen Produces Admirable Furniture Pieces out of Steel Industry Waste

It seems there are new sun rays on the perennially cloudy horizon of Belgium. Recently, the third edition of the “Uptown Design Tour” announced the list of participating designers. An emerging welding wizard Kevin Oyen from Bilzen is one of the 20 selected European artists, whose works will be displayed in one of the most highly valued neighborhoods of luxury shops in Brussels from 15 September to 1 October 2016. How amusing! Amusing that a young Belgian designer gets the chance to showcase his extraordinary metal works after barely warmingRead More

Meet the Artist Gregory Mc Grew Who Dreams Forward and Backward for a Living

The creative talents of Brussels-based artist Gregory Mc Grew have come naturally to him. After all, he is following his parents’ esteemed and accomplished visual arts skills. “My father is an architect and my mother is a painter, so I’ve always been in an artistic environment. I started drawing at a young age and did “bandes dessinées” (comic strips) until I was a teenager. I think that type of storytelling led me naturally to making videos”, Gregory starts our conversation. Mc Grew seems to be distinctive among the current cropRead More