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June, 2016


The Virtual Journey with the Magus of Computer-Generated Reality Fabien Benetou

Information technology continues to transform communication and commerce, but few anticipated how it has given birth to new narrative platforms capable of profound scientific, social and artistic expression. In this feature, Fabien Benetou, co-founder of VRLab Brussels, webVR coach and a first-rate teacher of research and interactive learning centre ‘ICON Brussels’, will describe the story of his conquest of the virtual universe. Brussels-based Virtual Reality explorer Fabien works at the intersection of tech and academic world, hosting numerous high-tech events, particularly aiming to re-appropriate and integrate advanced technologies in aRead More

The Book Village of Redu and its Protagonist – Veggie Literary Cafe ‘LA REDUISTE’

Buried in the depths of the fairy-tale forests of Belgian Ardennes, the village of Redu was built in an age when it was thought that things would last. Its 9th century mill ‘Le Moulin de Molhan’ looks across the trees up to the sky, its beautiful stone houses dating from the 1600s are breathing out the Belgian history. The town’s 15 secondhand bookshops filled with volumes of the Great Expectations, In Search of Lost Time, Bonjour Tristesse; a paper manufacturer; a potter; a book binder and a dozen of artisanRead More

Pascal Oorts: There’s Still a Place for Creating Electronic Music ‘By Hand’

What manner of artist ignores the commercialism of the 2000’s and produces underground electronic music? Certainly not the milksop, nor the average, nor the society conscious, nor the unambitious.  As the Antwerp–based duo “Part Time Punks” observes a release of their new single “Go Ballistic!”, its founder Pascal Oorts may rightfully claim his place as one of the outstanding Belgian EMD artists. Oorts’s multidimensional body of work is acclaimed for its non-trivial blend of electronic music with rock attitude. Songwriting, melody and uncompromising live-energy — assertive and brilliant structures thatRead More

Amazing Lineup of Teachers and Disciplines Slated for Summer 2016 Icon Weekend Courses

Teachers at the Summer 2016 Icon Weekend Courses, which will be held every weekend from July 2, 2016 till August 21, 2016, at ICON Brussels, are sure to fulfill the learning center’s mission: to introduce workshop participants to the wonderful world of technological advances and artistic development. “With workshop attendees from all segments of the artistic and technological industries, and phases of life and career, we are challenged each year to develop a lineup of educators whose stories and messages will resonate with all,” says the founder of ‘ICON Brussels’Read More