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Meeting EMIR KUSTURICA at the Balkan Trafik Grand Opening Evening

Kusturica/Copyright-Milos Cvetkovic
Kusturica/Copyright-Milos Cvetkovic

Huge News!
On the 14th of April at 19.00 I am going to meet my beloved film director EMIR KUSTURICA!
I will be the guest of his one-hour masterclass session, followed by the screening of the legendary ‘Underground’ in the presence of the director, and then enjoy the music craze of the 10th edition of the BALKAN TRAFIK FESTIVAL!
My Balkan-born friends (Petar Kufner, Pepa Ivanova, Milica Milicevic) and everyone interested in Balkan culture, feel free to join the Grand Opening Party!

Read the details on the Grand Opening Night here:…/

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