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April, 2016


The Millenium Film Festival 2016: Focus on the Iranian Film Director Vida Dena

The annual International Documentary Film Festival, (or ‘Millenium’) held in Brussels is not only a platform for the international film community to view fantastic entries, but it also serves as an opportunity for emerging talent to showcase their work. Born in Iran, Brussels-based artist Vida Dena was among the 2016 festival participants with her documentary film Ayan and the White Balloon. Inspired by themes involving censorship and dual identities, we take a behind-the-scenes look at Dena’s latest film and how this talented multimedia artist explores connecting European and Middle Eastern cultures. InitialRead More

Inspiring encounter with Emir Kusturica during the Balkan Festival in Brussels

Hundreds of Balkan artists arrived in Brussels for an eventful Balkan Trafik Festival weekend – opening with the Conversation with a legendary film director Emir Kustirica and the screening of his masterpiece “Underground” to celebrate multiethnic societies and their contributions to the greatest benefit of mankind. The entire 4-day happening was framed this year by cinema: guests were treated to exclusive film screenings in the presence of the directors. A Conversation with Emir Kusturica The contents of the conversation with Emir Kusturica was kept secret until the Opening Evening. AnRead More

A long-awaited Balkan Trafik Festival opens its doors in Brussels

A long-awaited Balkan Trafik Festival: We arrived a few hours earlier to get our press passes and enjoy a slow plunge into the waves of Yugoslavian happiness. We had enough time to walk around the Centre of Fine Arts to snap a few shots of ‘one spring evening in Brussels’ when we literally ran into him – Emir Kusturica! He was exiting a car next to the entrance of BOZAR. I will not pretend I wasn’t petrified. I was. I did not take the opportunity to give my prepared presentRead More

‘Balkan Trafik’ Screens Films in the Presence of the Directors!

Attention, Cinephiles! This week, 14-17 April, there will be 5 movie screenings and 3 of them in the PRESENCE OF THEIR DIRECTORS at the Balkan Trafik Festival in Brussels! Join the unique happening, meet the film directors personally! 1. Screening of “Underground” with Emir Kusturica (Serbia) 2. Screening of “Thirst (jajda)” with Svetla Tsotsorkova (Bulgaria) 3. Screening of “Babai” with Visar Morina (Kosovo) 4. Screening of «Papusza» by Joanna Kos-Krauze & Krzysztof Krauze (Poland) 5. Screening of «Shok» by Jamie Donoughe (Great Britain) Details on:

Что такое EMS – тренировки: хай-тек фитнес делает за вас невозможное возможным

EMS-тренировки (электростимуляция мышц) стремительно завоевывают мир фитнеса. Из журналов, интернет-СМИ, телевизионных шоу новый тренд упорно прокладывает свой путь в фитнес студии по всему миру. Знаменитости, профессиональные спортсмены и обычные люди, стремящиеся похудеть, приобрести мышечную массу и, в целом, подтянуть физическую форму, все чаще прибегают к помощи EMS-тренировок. Впервые данную технологию разработали еще в СССР военные медики. Работали для раненых, которые долго лежали в постели. Позднее – для подводников и космонавтов – всех кто мало двигается и теряет мышечный тонус. А с 70х годов – для спортсменов при подготовке к международнымRead More

Meeting EMIR KUSTURICA at the Balkan Trafik Grand Opening Evening

Huge News! On the 14th of April at 19.00 I am going to meet my beloved film director EMIR KUSTURICA! I will be the guest of his one-hour masterclass session, followed by the screening of the legendary ‘Underground’ in the presence of the director, and then enjoy the music craze of the 10th edition of the BALKAN TRAFIK FESTIVAL! My Balkan-born friends (Petar Kufner, Pepa Ivanova, Milica Milicevic) and everyone interested in Balkan culture, feel free to join the Grand Opening Party! Read the details on the Grand Opening NightRead More

Chasing Shadows Of The Old Citadel Of Diest

The unrepeatable smell of thousands of old red bricks is the first thing to hit visitors as they walk into the gates of the old Citadel of Diest. The fragrance of rust. A scent of history. Among the dim corridors of the old citadel, other sensory details emerge – and it is easy to imagine the dancing, circling shadows of thousands of people who inhabited the citadel almost 200 years ago. The Citadel of Diest as a Strategic Defense Post The site’s geography made it a prime location for theRead More