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March, 2016


The 2nd Film Screening in Belgium, De Velinx (Zebracinema)

It will give us great pleasure to let our friends abroad, our support team and our partners ‘Zebracinema’ know about the success of last night’s film screening of ‘TO MY TWO Fs: France and Francoise” at ‘De Velinx’! Thank you ALL for coming out to support our film and sincere thanks to our venue hosts, Johan Wouters and the team. We were delighted to see the public enjoying the movie. For those of you who couldn’t make it out, never fear, more film is on the horizon. We’ve got aRead More

Bart Dewolf: The Creator Of Existential Scrap Metal Installations

Bart Dewolf started out as a kid who loved stop motion cartoons, comic books, prehistoric art, punk culture and scrap metal, and is now a grown-up who still loves all those entertainments. He is Belgian and has lived in Belgium all his life, where he graduated from Sint-Lukas University Brussels as a designer. His stupendous scrap metal installations, which he has been creating for the last 20 years, have been going around Belgium at various unofficial underground expos launched in abandoned factories or derelict buildings. Unlike Brussels, where the homesRead More

Our Film ‘To My Two Fs: France and Francoise’ is in the Cinema

Our awarded film ‘TO MY TWO FS: FRANCE AND FRANCOISE’ will be shown on the big screen in cinema at ‘DE VELINX’ on the 15th of March 2016 at 20:00 before the film ‘CAROL’ with Kate Blanchett! Anyone is welcome! Tickets – 6 euros, reduced – 5 euros. You can buy tickets online:

Добрая статья из газеты ‘Аргументы и Факты Нижний Новгород’

Tango Music Born in Brussels

Musician, composer, citizen of the world, husband and bon vivant – Belgian Pato Lorente (Patrick Vankeirsbilck) composes what he lives and lives what he composes. His life and his music are inseparable and his passion for both, contagious. The only permanent pupil of legendary Argentinian Bandoneón player Alfredo Marcucci and his only artistic heir after 18 years of intense collaboration, Pato resides and works in the melting pot of Brussels, constantly escaping to his eco-shed in Spain for ‘moments of disconnection.’ There is a simplicity and symmetry to his appearance: blackRead More