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February, 2016


A Gargantuan Bookshop in the 13th Century Church: Gertrude Stein Would Applaud

I am standing in the middle of the Dominican Church in Maastricht (Netherlands), a church turned into a gargantuan bookshop. I am holding the book of Gertrude Stein. If only she was told that half a century after her death her books would be sold in the church, she would laugh skeptically with distrustfulness. ‘The mother of postmodernism’, the academic movement that can be described as the straightforward denial of general philosophical viewpoints that were taken for granted during the 18th-century Enlightenment and characterized by denial of objective truth, GertrudeRead More

Interview With Emerging Painter Sabine Frömmer: Master Of The Sea & Black Forests

If you look through the paintings of a Belgian-based artist Sabine Frömmer, you’ll quickly realize that her work can be described as poetic. There’s absolutely no doubt that her landscapes, full of metaphysical themes, are visual poetry; they’re emotionally resounding, and provoke viewers to decode the poetic messages hidden in her visual motifs, like her use of water and trees, for example. However, is there really something to decode, or does this artist avoid symbolism all together? The painter, who currently resides in Herent, Belgium, began to pursue landscape paintingRead More

The Enchanting History Of The Château De l’Enclos

The Château de l’Enclos has seen a lot in its history. There has been a house on its site since 1725 according to the existing records. Just a stroll through its garden and you can see these three centuries of brick and mortar, but it’s not just the exterior that breathes out history. Step inside the mansion and find its past brought to life by the new owners, a Russian couple of an IT-specialist and a teacher. The good old days of the Château de l’Enclos The château’s life really startedRead More

Intellectual Fitness and Health Literacy by Tongeren-based fitnessman Frederic Fraré

Frederic Fraré, the master of experimental fitness and functional training, is also an athletic trainer of the prodigious men’s basketball team ‘Limburg United’, a responsible for strength and conditioning at senior women’s volleyball team ‘Datovoc Tongeren’, a supporter of science-based healthy lifestyle, a leader of his own fitness studio ‘ICE Fitness’ based in Lauw (Tongeren). Known for developing fitness culture in Tongeren, Frederic spends much of his time promoting intellectual fitness and health literacy, stubbornly fighting the superficiality of huge commercially oriented fitness chains. His professional endeavours are always provocative, engaging, and challenging.Read More

Hasselt-Based Artist Jeroen Boogaerts Creates ‘Lampofoons’ Out Of Waste

He was ‘eco-friendly’ long before sustainable culture turned into a trend. He creates fascinating structures from unconventional materials such as old telephones, wood waste and different kinds of city junk. Meet the Belgian artist and designer Jeroen Boogaerts, whose extraordinary and inventive artworks have caught people’s attention and surprised with countless nostalgic references and artistic imagination. BODEGAZ – second life to city waste The smell of fresh-cut wood hangs in the air. The aroma of something new that is coming into the world. The scent of a dream being realized.Read More