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April, 2015


«Real impressionism» at Lavender Farm Slovenia!

What is a “province”?  Literally – it is a geographical location, a remote dot on a map distantly situated from a municipal center, and in this sense, province contrasts sharply with the metropolitan area. Often, however, the word “province and provincial” is used to derive an evaluative attitude. And here the range of its connotations are too wide: from mockery on ‘rednecks’ to the admiration for the ‘authentic reality, unspoilt by civilisation’. I am looking at paintings of Slovenian impressionists and thinking… Thinking about a good warm-hearted province with itsRead More

We are busy with cost-effective content campaigns!

Since 2004, we have made it easier for organizations to raise awareness about their brands with unique content across multiple platforms. With a solid experience in journalism and arts, we’re uniquely positioned to create cost-effective content campaigns that lead to long-term relationships with customers. Below is unique content (articles, news, interviews) written in the framework of a year-round cross-media PR-campaign for MaPro Gmbh ( ):  

Transmedia PR-concepts for MaPro GMBH

MaPro Gmbh is the leader on the German market in consultancy and preparation for traffic medical-psychological assessment (Idiotentest). Seanema developed and delivered a focused and results-oriented PR- strategy to maximize the company’s reach in Germany (target audience: Russian-speaking community, German-speaking community). Elements of the year-round campaign are below: website, flyer, website banner, newspaper ads, coupons, article banner, video ad, article announcements. Flyer: Driving license gift freedom! Website banner: Newspaper ads: Coupons: Article banner: Video ad: